Interpretation Banners

Trench Symphony Silk Painting workshop b

Artists Helen Thomas and Tony Wade worked with community participants at Wakefield Library and Wakefield Cathedral alongside Year 5 and 6 at The Mount Primary School Wakefield, to create a series of 3 interpretation banners that were used as a backdrop for the Trench Symphony performance and then exhibited in Wakefield Cathedral for the duration of their remembrance activities in 2018. 

The participants explored Bamforth's postcards, looking at the lyrics to the songs that they depict, alongside the chosen romantic imagery. Many of these songs and lyrics were altered by soldiers in the trenches.


They then combined the original song lyrics with new imagery showing silhouetted soldiers marching in No Man's land, drawn in the style of Paul Nash's WW1 artworks. This juxtaposition of the comforting nature of the lyrics and the Nash imagery created a poignant backdrop to the performance.

Trench Symphony banners 3 by Edgelands A
Trench Symphony banner detail  by Edgela
Trench Symphony banners 2 by Edgelands A