Further Resources

Much of the information here has been gathered by volunteers, using resources at IWM London which is open to the public daily. In addition, the following books, artworks, websites and recordings have informed some of the work on this project:

Arthur Max, Forgotten Voices of the Great War. Croydon: Ebury Press 2002

Barroux, Line of Fire Diary of an Unknown Soldier. London: Phoenix Yard Books Ltd. 2014

Brown Malcolm & Seaton Shirley, Christmas Truce. London: Pan Books 2001

Hawkins-Dady Mark (Editor), The First World War A-Z. London: IWM 2014

Reilly Catherine, Scars Upon my Heart. Great Britain: Virago 2006

Various, Poems of the Great War 1914-1918. London: Penguin 1998

Whitworth-Logue Leona, Recent War Lyrics. London: Grafton Press 1928

Kennington Eric, The Kensingtons at Laventie, 1915

Nash Paul, The Menin Road. 1919

Singer-Sargent John, Gassed. 1919






Charles CollingwoodRobert Lewis ShayonCharles Paul, World War I Historic Music and Voices. US: American Heritage 1964; Vinyl, LP, Mono 

Oral History - Malik, Hardutt Singh (interviewee/speaker); Allen, Charles (Production company); Allen, Charles (recorder). 1983